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High Country Heaven

A Stunning Salida Vacation Rental Where Heaven Meets Earth High in the Colorado Rocky Mountains 


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High Country Heaven offers vacation rental accommodations in compliance with local, state and federal laws on a non-discriminatory basis. Your reservation is subject to the following terms and conditions:

TAXES, FEES & DEPOSITS: Taxes and fees are not included in the nightly rate. A flat cleaning fee of $60 and pet fees (if applicable) will be added to each reservation. Deposits are generally not accepted. Payment is due in full at the time of reservation. 


CANCELLATIONS: Guests canceling a reservation more than 45 days prior to arrival will be refunded the entire rental cost minus a $150 cancellation fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations made within 45 days of the arrival date. Guests are responsible for all rent and fees for the entire length of stay that was confirmed, regardless of the actual arrival or departure date. There will be no refunds for “no shows” or early departures. Changing or transferring accommodations within 45 days prior to arrival would be treated as a cancellation. 

TRANSFERS: Guest may transfer from one week to another only within the same calendar year and will be subject to availability. All requests for transfers must be made in writing and received by High Country Heaven at least 60 days prior to arrival date. There will be a $150 transfer fee plus additional rent charges for transfer to a higher rate season. No refunds will be paid if transferred to a lower rate period.

CREDIT CARD REQUIRED: Guests must present a valid credit card for payment. Guests authorize High Country Heaven owners to charge the credit card for the cost of any repairs, excessive cleaning or other charges that may result from the guest’s failure to comply with High Country Heaven rental policies. If these charges exceed the guest’s credit limit, the guest will pay the difference immediately. Debit cards are handled like a credit card and your bank may hold funds on an authorization.

CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT:  Check-in time begins at 4 p.m. During busy seasons, the property may not be available until 6:00 p.m. Check-out time is 11 a.m. A fee equal to 50% of the nightly rate may be charged for any late check-out that has not been authorized in advance. Unfortunately, no late check-outs will be allowed during busy holiday periods such as Thanksgiving, the Christmas-New Year’s holiday week, and during the summer. Housekeeping requires 5-6 hours to turn the house around for the next guest. Guests are responsible for leaving the property in a “like arrival condition” upon departure. If the house requires extra cleaning because it is left in a condition unlike arrival, you may be charged an additional cleaning fee.

USE OF PROPERTY:  The property will be used only for vacation purposes and may not be used for any unlawful purpose. No large gatherings or parties are allowed. No landlord-tenant relationship is created during guest use of property. Guests will comply with all laws, rules and regulations and are responsible for locking doors and securing the property. Guests will not allow anyone to damage or destroy the property during their stay. Guests will not cause excessive noise or disruption to the neighborhood, or create a nuisance. Only the registered guests and his/her authorized guests may use the property. Guests will not move furniture, artwork, or accessories and will not attach anything to walls during their stay. Guests will pay for any damage including necessary maintenance, repairs, additional housekeeping and cleaning charges. A supervision fee of $75 per hour will be added to the actual maintenance, repair and/or cleaning costs. By renting this property guests assume all risk of and liability for any damage done to person or property, agents, employees or visitors occasioned by the present or future condition of the premises both latent and manifest. In the event damages occur during your occupancy, you agree to authorize High Country Heaven owners to charge the cost of such damages to the credit card guaranteeing payment. You also agree to be responsible for and reimburse the property owner for any applicable costs and attorney's fees incurred for collection of damage. Neither High Country Heaven nor the owners will be responsible for accidents or injury to guest or loss of money or valuables of any kind.


1.  ISSUES: Report all maintenance issues promptly by calling or texting 303-868-3973. Similar to your own home, mechanical failures and other breakdowns could occur. Every effort will be made to correct the situation; however, no refunds or rate adjustments will be made for mechanical failures.

2.  DAMAGE: Report any damage or breakage IMMEDIATELY by calling or texting 303-868-3973, so the matter can be settled before departure. Damages found by inspection crews upon departure will be billed and full payment for repairs will be collected via credit card.

3.  NO GUARANTEES: All properties are thoroughly inspected prior to your check-in, however, the ongoing working condition of air conditioners, satellite TV, phone services, internet service, TVs, DVDs, appliances, etc., are NOT guaranteed. NO REFUNDS or rate adjustments will be made for mechanical failures and malfunctioning equipment. Although all attempts will be made to correct the situation, some breakdowns cannot be prevented or repaired during your occupancy.

4.   MAINTENANCE VISITS & GENERAL ACCESS: High Country Heaven staff and vendors may access the property during guest occupancy to make any necessary repairs; provide any guest-requested housekeeping services (subject to additional fees); to verify compliance with occupancy limits and other rental policies and in case of an emergency as may be determined by High Country Heaven.


1.  Please leave the house and property reasonably clean and in reasonable order (note: additional cleaning charges may apply if not left reasonably clean).

2.  Leave kitchen items (dishes, cookware, etc.) clean. Do not leave dishes in the sink. Run the dishwasher (cycle: 1 hour wash) before you leave. Dishwashing detergent is located under the kitchen sink.

3.  Dispose of all trash & recycling in proper containers.

4.  Lock all doors and windows.

5.  Please strip beds of sheets and pillow cases and start one load of laundry (EXPRESS CYCLE) before you depart.

6.  If it’s winter, please be sure the house heat is ON and set to 60 degrees. The thermostat is located on the wall in the hallway between the laundry room and second main floor  bedroom.

7.  Be sure the inside fireplace is OFF. The thermostat is located to the right of the walk-in pantry doors.

8.  If used, all keys will be returned to the key rack in the walk-in pantry. A fee of $50 will be charged for any key(s) that are lost or not returned. 

PETS:  Pets must be approved in advance of making your reservation and are limited to two (2) well behaved domestic adult dogs (no puppies). With approval prior to booking, we accept friendly and well behaved adult pets. Pet fees are an additional $15 per night per pet and fee flexibility may be considered for extended stays. In addition, a fully refundable pet deposit may be required. Pets are absolutely not allowed on furniture or on beds and may not be left unattended in the house or on the property. Owners are responsible for all damage caused by their pets. Pet waste must be picked up within a 50 yard radius of the house and we would prefer your pet to be recently bathed. After all, it's a vacation for your pet, too! Please provide the pet's breed, age, whether or not they are crate and/or professionally trained, etc. If you would like day/overnight care or other services/products for your pet, please call Karen @ TLC Pet Supplies & Services @ 719-539-7777. IF AN UNAUTHORIZED OR UNREPORTED PET HAS BEEN IN THE HOUSE, THERE WILL BE A MINIMUM CHARGE OF $250.

WILDLIFE: There is an abundance of wildlife around the property and in Chaffee County. We encourage everyone to respect nature, be responsible and not feed, approach or harass wildlife. In addition, do not let dogs chase wildlife. Be aware, it is a violation of local and state laws to let dogs chase wildlife. Colorado Department of Wildlife enforcement ranges from steep fines to shooting the dog. Seriously, this is not a joke or an exaggeration.  

NO SMOKING: No smoking is permitted inside the house. Evidence of smoking will result in a minimum $300 cleaning charge. Sand buckets are provided on two of the decks. Please use them to deposit cigarette butts. Salida is a high mountain DESERT and as such, THERE IS TYPICALLY EXTREME FIRE DANGER PRESENT, THEREFORE DO NOT FLICK BUTTS (LIT OR UNLIT) ONTO THE PROPERTY. Please, please, please, dispose of extinguished butts safely and properly.

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: Overcrowding beyond the occupancy limit of 8 people specified for the property including children, may not be exceeded. Guests will be subject to eviction, additional cleaning charges, forfeiture of all security deposits and entire rental payment if over-occupancy occurs. If occupancy over the stated number of people is found, the guest agrees to pay all applicable charges. 

FURNISHINGS AND EQUIPMENT:  Homes are equipped with dishes, cookware, flatware, glasses, and basic appliances. Bed linens and towels are provided. Please be sure to pack any specialty items that you may require during your stay. Please contact High Country Heaven if you would like assistance with making any special arrangements.

FIREPLACE, BBQ GRILL, GAS FIREPIT:  The inside fireplace is for use during cold weather only and will be turned off in summer months. Please insure the inside fireplace is OFF before you check-out. The thermostat is located on the wall to the right of the walk-in pantry doors. Please turn the gas tanks to the BBQ grill & the firepit OFF at each tank after use.

CONDITION OF PROPERTY:  All equipment in the property is in good working order. Please report any inoperative equipment immediately. Every reasonable effort will be made to promptly repair inoperative equipment. No refunds will be made for inconveniences resulting from inoperative air conditioners, appliances or mechanical failure. If a condition occurs that affects the habitability, we will make every effort to relocate the guest to another available rental property. If another rental property is not available to relocate the guest, then High Country Heaven will refund any unused days of the rental period.

DAMAGE AND ADDITIONAL CHARGES: Guests should examine the property upon arrival, and promptly report to Lisa at High Country Heaven (303-868-3973) any visible damage, inoperable appliances or other adverse conditions at the property. Guests are responsible for damage discovered after departure. Damages occurring during the occupancy, including lost keys and remote controls are the guest’s responsibility and must be reported to High Country Heaven. There is a $50 per key/remote control charge for each item not returned. If the cost of the damage repair or replacement is undeterminable by the time of departure, the guest shall remain responsible for such costs and agrees to pay High Country Heaven promptly. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL CHECK-OUT TO REPORT PROBLEMS. 

ITEMS LEFT BEHIND:  High Country Heaven is not responsible for articles lost, stolen or left behind. Please double-check for personal items prior to your departure.

LOCKED DOORS:  Please respect the locked closets, cabinets, and rooms. They are NOT INCLUDED as part of your rental.

SNOW REMOVAL & PLOWING:  High Country Heaven will make every effort to plow snow from the driveway in a timely manner when the snowfall is over 6 inches. High Country Heaven will shovel snow from the walkway prior to the guest arriving. Guest is responsible for shoveling snow that falls during their stay from the front walkway. Snow shovels are located in the closet under the stairs. If the shovel(s) are put away wet, please be sure they are placed on a towel. If the guest needs assistance with shoveling snow, please notify High Country Heaven (303-868-3973).

FIREWORKS & FIREARMS:  Fireworks and firearms are strictly prohibited on and around the property.

EXCESSIVE NOISE & UNRULY BEHAVIOR:​  Guests must respect the peace and tranquility of our community. Guests will not disturb or interfere with any neighbor. Disorderly conduct or unruly behavior such as loud parties and gatherings at the property involving large amounts of alcohol are not permitted. If excessive noise or other unruly behavior results in ​complaints by the neighbors or notification by police, guest will be required to vacate the property immediately and will forfeit all rent and fees. 

UNDERAGE ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION:  The consumption of alcohol by and the provision of alcohol to all persons under the age of 21 is prohibited. 

LIMITATIONS OF REMEDIES, DAMAGES AND INDEMNITY:  1. In the event of fire, eminent domain, act of nature, guest agrees that High Country Heaven’s or the owner’s sole liability as a result of any such condition is a refund of the prorated rental for each day guest is unable to use the property.  2. Guest understands that there are inherent risks associated with any property, including risks associated with the use of fireplaces, grills, etc. Guest represents and certifies that he/she is thoroughly familiar with the proper use of the property, including any appurtenances, fixtures and equipment in and upon the premises. Guest shall be responsible for guest’s guests and group members. Guest agrees to release and indemnify the owners and High Country Heaven from and against all liability or loss should anyone be injured upon the premises during the rental period resulting from any cause whatsoever. Guest further agrees that guest is responsible and liable for, and will pay upon request any damages that occur to the property or any portion thereof due to guest’s or his/her guest’s misuse, or negligent use of the property or any portion thereof. 3. Guest shall not be entitled to any refund or rebate due to delay in check-in, early check-out, unfavorable weather, temporary disruption of utility services, malfunctioning or dissatisfaction with equipment, appliances, furnishings or condition of property, construction and associated noise.  4. Guest agrees to hold owners and High Country Heaven harmless of any liability for injury or damage resulting from accident, injury, or loss of enjoyment resulting from weather, inoperable appliances, or equipment.

TERMINATION:  If the guest or any member of his/her rental group violates the terms of this agreement, then High Country Heaven may, at it's sole discretion, terminate this agreement with no refund of the unused portion of rent and may enter the premises and remove guest, the members of his/her group and their belongings. A material breach of this agreement shall include, but is not limited to the careless and reckless use of the property. 


Many thanks for making your reservation with High Country Heaven. We are confident compliance with these policies, terms and conditions will help all guests have a safe and enjoyable vacation. When renting High Country Heaven, guests understand all rules, charges and fees that may be levied and authorizes High Country Heaven to charge any fee resulting from violations to this agreement to his/her credit card.